Madel is ISO 9001 certified, member of AISE CHARTER as well as of Assocasa, Centromarca and Cosmetica Italia.
It’s also “Officina di Produzione” (Production Plant), authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health for the production and commercialization of biocide products.


Madel Lab consists of a team of specialized chemists and technicians who research the best raw materials around the world and mix them in the most effective way transforming ideas into real market solutions. As in the case of Winni‘s a full range of highly performing, skin-compatible and low environmental impact, household cleaning products able to compete in price with the best traditional products.

Quality Control

Another important task of our Lab is the strict quality control process: using the most innovative technologies, every day Madel technicians supervise the whole production cycle from the raw materials to microbiological control of the water and finally check the finished products before authorizing their commercialization.

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