Madel has reached full electrical autonomy

With the new entry of a last generation natural gas cogeneration engine, the company established in Cotignola (RA) confirms its vocation to be increasingly eco-sustainable

Madel’s commitment to eco-sustainability never stops. One of the most innovative and cutting-edge Italian companies in the home cleaning and personal care sector invests in research and development every day to make its “home” green (86,000 square meters between the production area, warehouse, laboratories and offices) . Recently, Madel has achieved full power autonomy from an electrical point of view thanks to a 2.6 MW photovoltaic plant for a total area of ​​55,000 square meters, to which recently a 0.65 MW natural gas cogeneration plant has been added. It is an engine that improves the energy efficiency of the entire plant, also recovering the thermal energy produced to heat the water necessary for the company’s processes. The combined production of electricity and heat will allow, based on preliminary estimates, to reduce the emissions of CO² (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere by about 1,000 tonnes / year. Optimizing energy resources will also reduce production costs, making the company more competitive both on the Italian and overseas markets. In addition, within the plant, the hot air generated by the production processes is recovered and then used to heat the production workshop and warehouses instead of being dispersed in the environment.

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