Winni’s Floor Cleaner ml. 1.000 40 washes

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Can be used on all kinds of floors- terracotta, tiles, stoneware, parquet… Winni’s floor cleaner cleans and sanitizes all the washable surfaces around the house. Due to the area of the surfaces to be cleaned and the cleaning frequency, using a product containing plant-derived raw materials and specially formulated to minimise allergies is the best choice. Winni’s Floor Cleaner is hypoallergenic and has been nickel, chrome and cobalt tested (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM). Thanks to its concentrated formulation, only one liter of product yields more that 40 washes (if floors are cleaned once every two days, one bottle can last up to 3 months!). In this way, we do not waste so much plastic, and do not need to buy product very frequently, which is in line with our economic and environmental sustainability principles.

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