Winni’s Degreaser Multi Purpose Power Cleaner ml. 500

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Everyone loves a sparkling clean kitchen. But we do not always have the time to go about rubbing and wiping constantly. Besides a lot of products you find at supermarkets can be aggressive, especially for state-of-the-art surfaces. Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner uses the power of nature- its plant-based surfactants remove dirt, grease, and stains from frying pans and baking tins, ovens, hoods, countertops and all the washable surfaces in the kitchen. It can be also used to thoroughly clean fixtures, roller blinds, and mechanical parts of bikes, motorbikes and cars, and even large tyre rims. Due to a formulation with low environmental impact, this cleaner performs just like any conventional grease remover. It can be also used to pre-treat collar, cuff and underarm stains caused by body oil and sweat in white fabrics (Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Natural Soap is specially recommended) or resistant dyed fabrics.

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