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No matter how good a dishwasher is, it cannot do everything by itself. If it is not helped by an excellent cleaning product, dishes and cutlery do not get thoroughly cleaned. When Winni’s dishwasher tabs dissolve, they do the ‘dirty job’- they adhere to food residues and grease and remove them from the dishware. Always bearing in mind energy consumption and environmental impact, low-temperature dishwasher cycles are often preferred; so choosing the right product is an increasingly crucial factor. Thanks to a formula rich in plant-based raw materials, Winni’s tabs leave dishware shiny and without spots or streaks. The active oxygen and the enzymes without colorants efficiently remove caked grease or soiling. Perfectly cleaned plates and kitchenware and total sanitization are guaranteed. Tabs are efficient indeed with low temperature washes and in short cycles too. Individually packed in a water-soluble wrap. The surfactants in Winni’s Dishwasher Tabs are derived from plants and quickly biodegrade because they are transformed into natural substances by the microorganisms present in water.

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